Sunday, 21 June 2020

Bedroom Fun

Having agreed to a sexy cross-dressing game with his wife, Ted now found himself bound to a chair dressed as a nurse.

"I'm so horny honey, when are you going to let me fuck you dressed like this?"

"Fuck me?  Why would I let you do that?  I'm not a lesbian - I like hunky guys, not nurses in stockings."

"So why have you dressed me like this?"

"Well, I know you like to dress as a girl - I've known about it for a couple of months.  Also - can you imagine how much money I'll get from selling this movie of you cumming dressed as a pretty nurse?"

"I am going to not cumming on camera!"

"Let's see.  We're rolling - let me flick this little switch here and ..."

"Jeez!  Stop it!"

"You can try not to cum - but I think you'll change you mind soon.  I'll leave you to enjoy yourself - and a pair of my panties in your mouth to stop you spoiling the video."


"Oh yes - that bucking looks good - keep going.  Bye bye.

1 comment:

  1. Mmm, if those were her dirty panties, I might cum more than once. :)


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