Sunday, 14 April 2019

Growing Up Fast

Having allowed his Mother and Sister to dress him as a girl for many years.  Now he was over 18, Kelly had to start to learn some of the skills that being a grown-up girl entailed.  It turned out he had quite a talent.


  1. Wow, pretty AND naturally talented? Looks like Kelly will make some lucky man a perfect wife.

  2. One day Kelly will be even better than his Mother ans Sister, in all woman's ways.

  3. Wow seems Kelly has grown up ti be the perfect sissy wife

  4. Love the outfit so much, the lacy white pantyhose and panties and the rest looks perfect for the virgin or novice sissy girlieboi to learn how to please a Real Man! Just what I would wear too, wish I was in his/her place at the tender age of learning and developing and what a nice looking piece of meat to learn on, yummy! Such a lucky sissy!!


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