Thursday, 28 February 2019

Adventure number 1.

"Yes I'm serious.  You are doing the weekly shop dressed like that.  Unless you want all your co-workers to see the pictures of your crossdressing antics."

"Now get in there.  We have so many adventures to enjoy."

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Home at Last

"Now my little nephew.  Let's have a rest.  Ooh you like looking at my legs don't you?"

"Auntie!  No - I mean they're very pretty but ..."

"But what?  But little nephews aren't supposed to lust after their Aunt"

"I just like they way your legs look Auntie."

"I think you have a little fetish Ricky.  Come on let's go home - I've got an idea."


"Auntie, this is silly.  People will see me!"

"And if they do - they will see a pretty young girl - now up you get."

"Look at you - standing in heels!"

"I'm a bit wobbly Auntie"

"Lets got for a walk and get some practice."

"Auntie - I'm loving this!"

"That's a girl.  You're walking beautifully.  Have you seen all the looks you've been getting from men?  I think you got the family pretty gene."

"Here we are home.  Let's get you back into your boys clothes."

"I think I'll stay like this Auntie.  I finally know who I really am."

Mind Control

"Davey!  What's happened?"

"I don't know Auntie.  I went to the hypnotist to try to cure my shyness and now .."

"Davey - get changed."

"I am a girl - I am a girl .- I love wearing short skirts that show my pretty legs - I love heels that show my pretty ankles - I am a girl .."

"Davey - I think we need to go talk to that hypnotist."

"I am a girl - I want to suck cock - I am a girl"

"Davey - hypnotist - NOW!"

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