Sunday, 29 July 2018


"You sure this is going to work?"

"Look Dad disinherited us both on his death bed, one of us needs to pretend to be Sis to get our share of the old buster's dough.  We'll give her a third so it'll be fair.  She's been in Australia for years, she won't even know we were disinherited.  Now come on, you and Sis are twins - you look so similar."

"Jeez these stockings feel great!"

"You're not turning into a transvestite are you George Wolford?"

"Zip it Ted, all I'm saying is this stuff kinda feels nice."

"How do I look?"

"Terrific!  You sure have nice pins George."

"Your not turning gay on me Ted?"

"Shut the fuck up George.  You look just like Sis.  Maybe black would be more respectful at this sad time?"


"Er - Wendy Wolford I need to sign receipt of my father Henry Wolford's estate."

"Ah Miss Wolford, take a seat."

"Sad to say goodbye to your father - he and I were good friends.  Shame about his sons being such idiots."

"Oh they are OK really."

"OK!  They would lose your father's money in less than a year.  The business is in much safer hands with you my dear."

"Still, I'd like you to divide his estate into thirds once more."

"Against your father's will."

"It's mine now.  Let's not mention this again.  I want my brothers to think well of father."

--- *** ---

"There we are.  All settled.  Never mention this again."

"Very well Miss Wolford.  I can't say this is the wisest decision you have made.

"All done Ted.  That was easy."

"You can change now George."

"Not just yet.  I really quite like looking like this."

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  1. Even thou Ted was Georg and Wendy's Brother he was 6yrs older than the twins. He never knew about the dress up parties the twins had when Ted and Daddy were on those fishing trips. But Wendy knew she had a sister buried deep in her brother George and her name was Gina. After impersonating Wendy for the three weeks from the funnel the the reading of the will and the signing of the will George had given into Gina so when it was time to get rid of the costume Ted thought George was wearing in fact it was Gina wearing her old male skin that was the costume. 6 Months later Gina flew down to Australia to give her sister the new about Fathers passing and her cut of the money. Ted had in fact wasted his third in lest than 3 months and was living in Gina's guest bedroom. Gina became strong and wise and was running Father company like a pro and wanted to tell her sister she was going to Thailand next to have her final surgery. Wendy hugged and kissed her sister and said she knew all the time and had been watching by video link Father had installed, The Lawyer was in on it from the beginning. Wendy and the Lawyer wanted to see where this went they were able to stop it immediately if need Gina screwed up and did what Ted did. But Gina did not let her sister down. Wendy asked Gina what she was going to do with the loser brother of theirs Gina said I already have sis he will be may maid with in the year. the both laughed and hugged.


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