Sunday, 22 April 2018

The Boy becomes a ... Woman.

"Sis - there's somebody in there!"

"Don't worry little brother - it's Suzy.  She loves guys who crossdress.  Hey Suzy - here he is, my little sissy brother!"

"Sissy - I'm not a ..."

"I just love him - he's so cute."

"I told you he was a looker Suze"
"Come here Timmy - I want you to fuck me."

"But I' don't know how!"

"Timmy - get down and lick here pussy.  When she's ready you can use your cock - that's all you need to know.  Good luck."

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Unwilling Star

"Uncle - I can explain."

"No need to explain Timmy - you're a sissy who loves wearing girlie clothes.  No shame in that - you look very pretty.  So this deal is this - you get to cum, but I get to fuck your ass and Auntie Jane films the whole thing.  We might all make some good money - 3-ways."

"Now If your cock is hard right now, I'll take that as a yes."

"But Uncle no!"

"That looks like a yes to me."

Still Waiting

"That went rather well didn't it Timmy?  Your Mummy was quite shocked at how much you seemed to enjoy yourself."

"Please Auntie, I need to cum."

"Oh I don't think so dear - you'll get yourself all nasty and sticky.  Maybe in the morning.  I think your uncle would like to see you right now."

"No please he mustn't!"

On Display

"Auntie, please, let me cum.  I'm so turned on wearing these clothes."

"You will cum when I say you can Timmy ... and how is not the time."

"If you are a really good girl, maybe tonight, but for this afternoon I want you to sit there and look pretty while my friends come to admire you."


"Why else would we go to so much trouble making you look so nice.  You're Mummy's coming too, she won't believe what a pretty girly son she has."

Unwanted Attention

"Auntie I'm going to have to wait here, I've gone hard."

"Next time we come out that troublesome little cock of yours is going to be tucked well away."

"It's never done this before Auntie - it always stays so small when I dress as a boy."

"That's because you are a little sissy who get's turned on wearing girls clothes in public.  Cover it up with your bag and do hurry up."

Friday, 6 April 2018

Too Late

"God _ love wearing my sister's ballet clothes!"

"One more stroke and get them off and she'll never know ... Jeez! What am I going to do now!" 

A Sister's Intuition

"That's it Timmy, almost there.  Keep sucking.  Remember - you do this and those photos won't make it onto your Facebook page.  Of course, I know you're enjoying it really - sister's know these things.  This sister know's she's got a pervert brother who loves to suck his sister's boyfriend's cock.  Just make sure you don't dribble cum on those shoes - they were very expensive."

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