Sunday, 18 March 2018

Playing the Girl

"That's it Ricky dear.  The whole glass.  Don't you just love wine?  It so relaxes you doesn't it."

"It's very strong Auntie.  It's making my head spin a little."

"Good, now look at your pretty self in the mirror.  Don't you think you look so much like a little girl?"

"I look real cute Auntie.  I think I probably make a much better girl that a boy."

"Now try this.  Hold it against your panties.  Just where your peenie is tucked back."

"Oh Aunty - that feels so nice."

"Good - now put it down."

"Oh but Auntie! - I need to keep it there, just for a little longer."

"Not yet dear.  First I want you to wear this in your butt."

"Seriously Auntie!"

"Oh yes - you will love it.  A little bit of lubrication and it'll pop in without hurting."

"That feels real nice Auntie."

"Have a little more wine Ricky"

"It's starting to vibrate Auntie.  It's making my peenie get really hard."

"We can't have that dear.  You're going to have to milk it to recover your flat girlie shape."

"Can I Auntie!  I need it so much."

"Of course Ricky dear.  That's it.  Now I think I'll give it one of Aunty's special kisses."

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