Friday, 20 July 2018

School Play

"Andrew - this is only a school play.  You didn't need to be quite so ... thorough with your costume."

"Sorry Sir.  Mummy made me wear it.  She said I need to feel like a girl to understand the part.  I also quite like looking pretty now I've tried it ... and I could never be as handsome as you Sir."

"Are you flirting with me Andrew?"

"I guess I'm ready to find out what it's really like to be a girl Sir."

Thursday, 19 July 2018


"What do you mean failed the entry test!  I've done everything you've asked."

"Oh yes, you have.  But we want free-thinkers in our group.  The moment you agreed to this Mike you failed.  We've been having fun with you since then.  We have some great pictures - so don't try to get in touch again.  Goodbye Mike."

"Please, do leave me here dressed like this!  How do I get home with no money?  How do I get into my apartment without keys?

"Hitch a ride and ask your neighbour for your spare key."

"What like this!!"

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Playing Dress-up with Sister's Friends

"There little brother.  As special thanks for dressing like this, Sally will suck that little cock of yours.  I know you've always had the hots for Sal."

"Oh Sis, that feels wonderful."

"Keep looking at me.  Sally get's a little shy."

"Ooh Sally is sucking real hard now Sis.  She's really good at it."

"When you say Sally you of course mean Steve."


"Fuck no!  Get off me!"

"This is what you want - a big fat cock inside you."

"No!  I want Sally.  Sis make him stop ... please."

Friday, 6 July 2018

Honey Trap

"Fuck!  You're a guy!  Let me go."

"Oh I think we can have a little more fun don't you?  That camera's still rolling so the whole world will get to see you making out with a transvestite.  So what shall we do now?  You definitely liked my stockings.  Maybe you'd like to try a pair on.  You'll love the way they feel."

Sunday, 1 July 2018

One of the Girls

"Oh Auntie I just love being a girl.  I need  to fuck so much - please kiss me."

"Easy tiger.  Wait until we're home."

"Excuse me ladies - hope I'm not interrupting."

"Not at all.  My nephew was just telling me he needed sex."

"I-I don't usually dress like a girl."

"You should, you make such a pretty one."

"I can't help noticing the size of your cock.  My nephew might like to see what a real man's tool looks like."

"Sure thing - check it out."

"Auntie - it's enormous!"

"Average honey - you are quite small in that department I'm sad to say.  Still, you have other talents.  Get on your knees and get him ready for me.

"But Auntie!"

"Do it!"

"That's it son.  I'm nearly ready to fuck your Aunt."

"Ahhh - he's good.  You got him good and hard for me.  Ahhhh - I'm cumming!  Too soon!   You're going to have to take over - I'm wasted!"

"But Auntie!"

"The man needs to cum."

"Come here kid - your Aunt's done.  Your turn."

"He's really tight.  Your first time kid?"


"Yes - his first time - I think he's about to cum."

"Auntie - I'm cumming from inside like a girl.  it's amazing!"

"Here - have some real man cum in your tight little pussy.  Arrggh!"

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Silly Mistake

"Ricky!  You are not wearing your chastity device.  Why is that?"

"Sorry Mistress.  I forgot to put it on."

"Do it now!"

"Better - key please.  Now do your chores and expect some punishment."


"Finished Ricky.  Stand over there."

"There we are.  This will teach you to dress properly.  I'm having some guests around this afternoon.  You'll certainly make an excellent conversation piece.  Do try not to dribble."

Locked in

"Auntie - please take it out.  It keeps making me cum.  I don't think I will make it to the house."

"Nonsense Ricky just use a little will-power to stop yourself - besides - you know the key is back at home.  Now 5 more miles.  Just think of the practise you're getting in those heels."

On a Promise

"That's right Christopher.  See what I'll let you do when you are dress like a girl.  Just our secret."

"Your pussy is very wet Sophie."

"It wants your cock inside it Christopher.  But first I think we need some make-up and perhaps some more girlie hair."

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Knock 'em Dead

"Ma - it's only a school play - is this really necessary."

"Of course it is William.  You chose to go to an all boy school and you landed the role as leading lady.  You're going to look silly if you go out on stage with socks and jocky shorts.  Dress like a woman - feel like a woman.  Now let me get that dress and I'll drive you to rehearsals.

And stop stroking your nylons, they will catch!"

Instant Girl

Andy gasped as he felt a hot liquid gush into his chest.

"This is permanent kid - your Aunt's orders.  Hope you wanted tits.  Ha ha."

"NO I'm a boy!  STOP!"

"That was nothing sweet tits, this is really going to hurt - a lot.  It literally turns your cock inside out so that it's permanently inside your body.  With a bit of training you'll even be able to take a big fat cocks like mine."


"Irreversible too kid.  Welcome to life as a girl.  Of course, your clit is not quite deep inside to, so only a real man will be able to satisfy you.  So you had better start training if you ever want to cum again."


Sunday, 6 May 2018

The Adventures of the Crossdressing Husband

"There we go.  The suction is so strong you never get this off of your little dick without this key.  Now you'll be able to make me cum at last.  Of course, you'll not feel a thing inside this thing; for your pleasure, I can make your plug vibrate with this button."

"Oh honey!  That's amazing."

"That's enough of that.  Now let's see if you can fuck me properly with you new black cock.  If you do well I'll turn the plug back on."

Young Offender's Scheme

"He's changing now.  The hypnosis has left him a little confused, but he'll never be able to break it.  In an hour or two he will have completely accepted his situation and will be loving it.  That's one more violent offender off the streets."

----- oooo -----

"This is fucking crazy ... I'm a boy ... really ... I don't want to look like this ... but it feels so nice and I look so pretty ...  I need to stop putting this lingerie on ... just the corset to see what it looks like."

"... no stop thinking like that ... I'm a boy ... ooh this corset will give me such a nice shape ..."

"... Oh my, I'm so hot, I will be able to date any guy I want ... stop it ... you are a boy ..."

"... oh heck, why fight it.  I'm a girl and a darned pretty one at that.  Where's my dress - an I really must have some heels."

"These will do perfectly, so pretty.  I just love being a girl."

Sunday, 22 April 2018

The Boy becomes a ... Woman.

"Sis - there's somebody in there!"

"Don't worry little brother - it's Suzy.  She loves guys who crossdress.  Hey Suzy - here he is, my little sissy brother!"

"Sissy - I'm not a ..."

"I just love him - he's so cute."

"I told you he was a looker Suze"
"Come here Timmy - I want you to fuck me."

"But I' don't know how!"

"Timmy - get down and lick here pussy.  When she's ready you can use your cock - that's all you need to know.  Good luck."

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Unwilling Star

"Uncle - I can explain."

"No need to explain Timmy - you're a sissy who loves wearing girlie clothes.  No shame in that - you look very pretty.  So this deal is this - you get to cum, but I get to fuck your ass and Auntie Jane films the whole thing.  We might all make some good money - 3-ways."

"Now If your cock is hard right now, I'll take that as a yes."

"But Uncle no!"

"That looks like a yes to me."

Still Waiting

"That went rather well didn't it Timmy?  Your Mummy was quite shocked at how much you seemed to enjoy yourself."

"Please Auntie, I need to cum."

"Oh I don't think so dear - you'll get yourself all nasty and sticky.  Maybe in the morning.  I think your uncle would like to see you right now."

"No please he mustn't!"

On Display

"Auntie, please, let me cum.  I'm so turned on wearing these clothes."

"You will cum when I say you can Timmy ... and how is not the time."

"If you are a really good girl, maybe tonight, but for this afternoon I want you to sit there and look pretty while my friends come to admire you."


"Why else would we go to so much trouble making you look so nice.  You're Mummy's coming too, she won't believe what a pretty girly son she has."

Unwanted Attention

"Auntie I'm going to have to wait here, I've gone hard."

"Next time we come out that troublesome little cock of yours is going to be tucked well away."

"It's never done this before Auntie - it always stays so small when I dress as a boy."

"That's because you are a little sissy who get's turned on wearing girls clothes in public.  Cover it up with your bag and do hurry up."

Friday, 6 April 2018

Too Late

"God _ love wearing my sister's ballet clothes!"

"One more stroke and get them off and she'll never know ... Jeez! What am I going to do now!" 

A Sister's Intuition

"That's it Timmy, almost there.  Keep sucking.  Remember - you do this and those photos won't make it onto your Facebook page.  Of course, I know you're enjoying it really - sister's know these things.  This sister know's she's got a pervert brother who loves to suck his sister's boyfriend's cock.  Just make sure you don't dribble cum on those shoes - they were very expensive."

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Playing the Girl

"That's it Ricky dear.  The whole glass.  Don't you just love wine?  It so relaxes you doesn't it."

"It's very strong Auntie.  It's making my head spin a little."

"Good, now look at your pretty self in the mirror.  Don't you think you look so much like a little girl?"

"I look real cute Auntie.  I think I probably make a much better girl that a boy."

"Now try this.  Hold it against your panties.  Just where your peenie is tucked back."

"Oh Aunty - that feels so nice."

"Good - now put it down."

"Oh but Auntie! - I need to keep it there, just for a little longer."

"Not yet dear.  First I want you to wear this in your butt."

"Seriously Auntie!"

"Oh yes - you will love it.  A little bit of lubrication and it'll pop in without hurting."

"That feels real nice Auntie."

"Have a little more wine Ricky"

"It's starting to vibrate Auntie.  It's making my peenie get really hard."

"We can't have that dear.  You're going to have to milk it to recover your flat girlie shape."

"Can I Auntie!  I need it so much."

"Of course Ricky dear.  That's it.  Now I think I'll give it one of Aunty's special kisses."

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Unexpected Results

"Oh my God!  You've got a boner.  My husband is sucking my lover's dick dressed as a slut and he's getting turned on by it.  This is supposed to be a punishment!"

Saturday, 10 February 2018

In Disguise

"Auntie, Nobody will be able to tell I'm a boy will they?"

"Just try to be feminine Ricky, I'm sure everyone will be looking at those cute little ankles of yours."

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