Sunday, 5 November 2017

A Favor for Auntie (part 2)

"Mummy - that was so exciting I don't think even the shop assistants figured I was a boy."

"Of course you aren't a boy Lucy.  Which reminds me - you used to love wearing your little vibrator in public.  Yes - I knew!"

"But Mummy!"

"Yes yes - we all have one - don't be embarrassed.  Slip into that green velvet dress we bought, pop in your vibrator - I'll do the same and pour some wine.  We can cum together like Mom and Daughter."

"I had to put it in my butt Mummy.  But it feels real nice."

"Kinky!  I like your style girl.  I'll do the same."

"Mmmm thar's good Mummy - who needs men when it feels this good."

"You clearly haven't been with a decent man Lucy.  Don't worry we can sort that out."

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