Sunday, 5 November 2017

A Favor for Auntie (part 2)

"Mummy - that was so exciting I don't think even the shop assistants figured I was a boy."

"Of course you aren't a boy Lucy.  Which reminds me - you used to love wearing your little vibrator in public.  Yes - I knew!"

"But Mummy!"

"Yes yes - we all have one - don't be embarrassed.  Slip into that green velvet dress we bought, pop in your vibrator - I'll do the same and pour some wine.  We can cum together like Mom and Daughter."

"I had to put it in my butt Mummy.  But it feels real nice."

"Kinky!  I like your style girl.  I'll do the same."

"Mmmm thar's good Mummy - who needs men when it feels this good."

"You clearly haven't been with a decent man Lucy.  Don't worry we can sort that out."

A Favor for Auntie

"Luke, I want you to go around to your Aunt Anne, she is missing her daughter Lucy so much now she has moved to the UK.  She likes to see you, I think you remind her of Lucy."

"Do I have to Ma? "

"Yes you do - and do what she says - she upsets very easily at the moment."


"Hello Luke, your mom said you were coming over.  Goodness you look more like my Lucy every day."

"Hi Aunt Anne.  Is there anything I can do to help around the house."

"Well there is something you could do for me.  I miss Lucy so much, would you mind me dressing you up as her just for a while?"

"Auntie - no!  I can't!"

"Please Luke just a few clothes and a little make-up."

"Please Auntie - don't make me do it."

"I miss her so much Lukey."

"Well - OK - but don't tell anyone."

"That's a boy!  Come up stairs - her room is exactly how she left it - all her clothes are there."


"Auntie - this is incredible - I just look like Lucy!"

"Call me Mummy while you are dressed like that Lucy."

"I looks so pretty."

"You are Pretty Lucy dear.  You like those clothes."

"They're are actually quite comfortably Auntie ... I mean Mummy.  These pantyhose are so soft."

"Let's try something else.  That white dress is one of your favourites."

"It's lovely Mummy.  I love these heels too."

"This dress is short - but not slutty.  I like it."

"You always did like dressing up Lucy.  Let's go to the Mall right not.  Buy you something new.  We always loved shopping together."

"Out!  But...."

"No buts my girl - get your purse and coat, you are I are going out this minute.  And stop looking at yourself in that mirror."

"Sorry Ma - I really am very pretty."

Friday, 3 November 2017

School Play

Being an all-boy school, the school play always needs boys to volunteer to play the female parts.  Ricky and his mother took it all rather seriously.



Ah yes, Tony remembered when he wore boys clothes.  So hard and ugly.  Girlie clothes are much nicer.  He loved the way boys stared at him.

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