Sunday, 8 October 2017

Wedding Night Confession

"Good grief honey, that was amazing.  Why did you leave it to our wedding night to tell me you were a crossdresser?  I have never done anything that sensual before in my life."


Mike was in a complete daze.  An hour ago his cousin Jane and her boyfriend Tom had caught him wearing a pair of her pantyhose.  Now he has been completely transformed and was watching Jane as she sucked Tom's cock.  The feel of the stockings, the heels, the hair from the wig on his shoulders, the perfume, is was all too much.  The next thing he knew he was kissing a boy.

His dress was taken off and his cousin took his tiny cock into her mouth.  He was prepared to do anything, he was so turned on.

Then it happened, he was pushed back, and as he fell he felt first a cold slippery liquid applied to his butt, and then was powerless to prevent Tom's cock slide into him.  He couldn't escape, and by this time didn't want to.  

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Failed the Test

"And now my little nephew - I would like you to put these on."

"You can't be serious Auntie."

"Not at all.  You will like it.  All boys of your age do, they just don't talk about it - they like to appear macho.  It's quite normal.  Look - I'm wearing a pair too - they feel wonderful."

"There we go darling - the make-up, wig and other clothes finish you off perfectly.  How do you feel dear?"

"A bit scared Auntie - but the clothes feel really nice, and my legs feel so smooth in these nylons."

"Careful you don't catch them dear.  You want to look your best tonight.  We are going out looking for men."

"Men!  Auntie - I'm not ..."

"I was testing you dear - and you failed.  Look at yourself; do you think a real man would be dressed like that?  You are a little sissy, and little sissies need cock."

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