Sunday, 24 September 2017

Too Keen

"Well Smith.  You came to this institution a nasty boy who could not be controlled.  A year of our feminisation program and what have we got?  A nasty girl who can't be controlled."

"Sorry Miss - I only ..."

"Stop whining Smith.  You were caught stealing nylons.  You know they are reserved for Seniors."

"They look so pretty Miss - I just wanted to try them on."

"Next year Smith.  It's good to see you embrace your new femininity; but for now you must learn not to steal.  Bend over."

Saturday, 23 September 2017


Ricky found that he could work much better on his homework when he was dressed in something more feminine.  His only worry was his step-father returning unexpectedly.

Today it happened and Ricky just burst into tears.  His step-father felt sorry for him and tried to comfort him.  It would be their secret.

But their eyes met.  His step-father saw a pretty young woman with tears in her eyes wearing pretty, soft feminine clothes.  He ran his hand over her nylons - they were so soft.

They both knew this could only end one way.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

A Change of Position

"Now we've discovered you look so pretty as a girl Mr Jones, I think I will be able to make used of you around the place.  You're a terrible pool guy, but as a girl, you are spectacular."

"Now kiss me - that's right - I know you like pretty girls - I've seen that little cock of yours bulge when you look at my stockings."

"That's good - I love the feel of lipstick on lipstick.  Now I want to show you how to lick my pussy."


"This is my clitoris - work it with your tongue - you'll soon get the idea.  Ahhh that's it - damn you have a good technique already.  This is going to be fun."

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