Friday, 4 August 2017


"Dude - bummer your aunt dressed you up like that and lock those heels on you.  What the hell did you do."

"She - eh caught me going through her things."

"What her valuables."

"No - her lingerie."

"Seriously dude - why were you going through her lingerie?"

"Don't you find it kinda nice."

"I like it on girls ... actually, I've just notice - you have great legs you know."

"Look that's not funny, now lets change the subject - I need go around like this in public for the evening as a punishment - don't make it any harder."

"You're making it harder dude - fuck they're stockings!  That's so hot!"

"Stop fooling around.  I'm a guy in a dress.  That's not sexy."

"Stand up - let's see.   Looking pretty sexy to me.  Can't even feel your cock."

"It's tucked away between my legs.  These panties are so tight my balls have even disappeared way up inside somewhere.  Now get away from me."

"Stop it - neither of us are gay, this is silly."

"Just a little kiss princess."


"I can't help it.  You're legs in those stockings and garters are irresistible."

"This is getting out of hand how please stop."

"What the fuck!"

"These panties must go - we need some access."

"Stop - you're hurting me!"

"Lift you on that seat, now relax a little and ..... there."

"Ahhh!  Oh my god that's so good.  Please don't tell anyone about this."

"Our little secret babe.

"I'm cumming!"

"Not inside me - please."

"Ahhh!  There we go.  Cum stains on your aunts lingerie should please here."

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  1. meravigliosa storia d'amore !! baci baci baci, lei la sexy modella sissy bellissima!!


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