Friday, 25 August 2017

No Release

"Auntie.  I like the clothes, but I don't understand why the panties have to have a plug for my butt and a tight tube for my peenie.  The other panties hid me really well."

"It's so when I press this button - this happens."

"Eeek!  Everything's vibrating!"

"This is going to drive you wild.  You'll cum, from the anal vibrations, but that tight tube won't allow you any release."

"Auntie - I'm cumming over and over again!  Take this off my peenie Auntie!"

"What and get all that yucky goo everywhere - I don't think so."

"Auntie - please - I want to explode!"

"Sorry Ricky.  You need to learn to cum like a girl without the mess boys make.  You'll love it - you can just keep cumming and cumming."


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