Sunday, 13 August 2017

Caught in the Act

"Oh Ricky, you are so pretty.  You make such a beautiful girl."

Thank you Auntie.  I thought it strange at first, but I'm beginning to enjoy being pretty."

"Oh I can feel your peenie is still in good working order."

"This is such a turn-on, I can't help it."

"Me too Ricky dear.  Lick my pussy - I think I'd like you to fuck me."

"Oh Auntie - really?

"Oh that's so good Ricky - I'm nearly ready.  Fuck me."

"You want to be fucked by a real man - not that tiny cocked tranny of a nephew."

"Frank - what are you doing home?"

"Ricky, suck his cock and he'll be fine."

"But Auntie!"

"Do as I say.  He won't tell you mummy if you do this."

That's it lad - you're good at this."

"Against the wall."

"But Uncle Frank!"

"Frank - he hasn't worn a butt-plug yet."

"He dressed like a girl - he gets fucked like a girl."


"Ricky - just relax - I promise it'll be nice."

"Are you OK Ricky?"

"Auntie - I think I'm about to cum.  Can you make him go faster Auntie?"

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  1. Great post in my favourite TG blog by far. Just wish you posted more often! Thank you for all your efforts!


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