Sunday, 20 August 2017

Anti-Smoking Hypnosis Session

"Just a light hypnosis to start with.  Your wife wants you to give up smoking - is that right?   Relax - that's it.  You are in a trance state.  Now follow Mrs Smith and she will get you ready.  Do what ever she says."

- Later -

"That's better - I hope you like the clothes - now some deep hypnosis."

"You are addicted to wearing nylons."

"The touch of nylon on your skin is the most sensuous feeling you have ever felt."

"You can go out in public dressed like a woman without concern."

"You wouldn't be seen dead wearing flat shoes."

"You yearn to wear lingerie all the time."

"You are unable to get turned on without being dressed as a girl."

"Mens clothes are uncomfortable and hard."

"You love your wife."

"You want your wife to be happy."

"If you see your wife and me together you know she is happy."

"You will want to watch me fuck your wife."

"You will wear your sexiest lingerie when you watch me fuck your wife."

"Oh - one more thing - cigarettes are disgusting."

"That'll do.  Now follow Mrs Smith and she'll get you changed."

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