Sunday, 20 August 2017

A Present from Auntie

"Auntie - they are beautiful and they feel so real."

"They were very expensive Ricky - I hope you appreciate them.  But only the best for my favourite nephew."

"I do so love wearing these pretty things you buy me Auntie.  It's like our little secret."

"We can't keep a secret for much longer Ricky can we."

"I don't see why not Auntie.  Gosh these stockings and panties are so smooth."

"Lets get you dressed for a trip out."

"Out Auntie!  You think people will notice I'm a boy?"

"What with tits like those, I hardly think so - and those legs of yours have always been terrific."

"I'm glad you helped me wax them now.  It was quite painful, but I haven't had a hair grow for quite a few weeks."

"That'll be the hormone tablets I've been giving you."

"What are they Auntie?"

"Oh they help keep your skin soft.  So you like those tits."

"I do Auntie - they feel so real.  How do they make them so I can feel them when I touch them ... and I can't see the join."

"There's not stuck on silly boy.  They're real."

"They're what!  How am I going to walk around with a pair of tits?"

"Like any other pretty girl silly."

"Oh no!  ....  But they do feel kinda wonderful.  This is going to change everything.  What do we tell Mum and Dad?"

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  1. "Oh no! .... But they do feel kinda wonderful." Indeed!


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