Thursday, 31 August 2017


Sorry to bore you all with one of me - but I really love this picture.

Sunday, 27 August 2017


"Honey - I know you crossdress - I'm not sure if I'm cool with it or not - I want to see you.  If you love me you will make yourself look as pretty as you can and let me decide if we have a future."

- Some time later -

"You look perfect Hon.  I've have girlfriends in the past honey - I love guys, but I find girls cute too.  I wanted to see if I found you cute - and I certainly do.  Kiss me."

"Oh Honey - nobody has ever licked my pussy like you do - that's so amazing."

"Oh that is so good.  I love the lingerie and softness when I'm with a woman.  I love a man's cock.  This is perfection."

Wrong Week

"What the fuck are you doing in my house, in my wife's clothes?"

"Uncle Don - I eh - thought you and Auntie Joan were out."

"Clearly!  But it's next week we are on vacation."

"Look - Sorry I yelled Rick, you took me by surprise.  So you really  like wearing this stuff - it does make you look quite cute."

"Auntie Joan showed me how - it makes be feel nice."

"Your legs certainly nook nice in those pantyhose."

"So what does your Ma think of you doing this.

"She doesn't know - Pa would kill me."

"Then it's our secret."

"Lie back.  Let me show you something."


"Your Aunt loves being fuck in the butt - and you will too."

"Please don't hurt me Uncle."

In the 25th Century

"William, you been in the DNA morphing booth again?  Goodness your uniform is rather tight."

"It's Wilma Sir, and I rather like the tightness.  Don't you like the way it shines?  It's so soft and smooth too.  I can see you like it."

"Er hem - never mind that - look I'm assigning you to Buck, but behave yourself - he's new here - and he's old school and doesn't know about the morphing thing."

Friday, 25 August 2017

Why I Crossdress (part 1)

The View

No Release

"Auntie.  I like the clothes, but I don't understand why the panties have to have a plug for my butt and a tight tube for my peenie.  The other panties hid me really well."

"It's so when I press this button - this happens."

"Eeek!  Everything's vibrating!"

"This is going to drive you wild.  You'll cum, from the anal vibrations, but that tight tube won't allow you any release."

"Auntie - I'm cumming over and over again!  Take this off my peenie Auntie!"

"What and get all that yucky goo everywhere - I don't think so."

"Auntie - please - I want to explode!"

"Sorry Ricky.  You need to learn to cum like a girl without the mess boys make.  You'll love it - you can just keep cumming and cumming."


Change of Duties

"So that's what you look like out of your maid uniform.  The hormones and diet are working well.  I really wouldn't have recognized you."

"What do you want from me sir?"

"Does that matter?  I'm going to get it anyway.  Probably best we make sure you stay to enjoy it though."

"That's tight sir."

"Now follow me.  I think we can do better that household chores don't you?"

Off for a Walk

"It's no use looking like that my lad.  You were the one I found trying on my pantyhose, so you're going to have to suffer the consequences.  Now put on those shoes."

"But Mom, they are too high."

"They are not too high, your strong young ankles will be fine.  Imagine how good your legs will look in them.  No arguing, its either this or you'll never leave the house again.  We're going to do a lap of the block to give you a taste of what wearing pantyhose is really like."

"People will see me."

"That's the point, nylons make your legs look pretty - of course people will look at you.  That's a good thing.  Nobody will recognize you with that make-up and wig.  Come on."

Sunday, 20 August 2017


"You can't find the catch because there isn't one.  This little key is the only way of undoing those straps.  You enjoyed fucking me wearing stockings and heels and I've always known about this little fetish of yours; so I think its time we explore it fully, don't you?  I've booked you into my beauty salon, then we'll go shopping for some nice clothes.  If you make it fun for us both then we might do it often ... and I might let you take those heels off."

Watching his Wife

Steve could only look into the room in disgust as his wife was getting fucked.

"That's it my sissy husband.  You stand there and watch me fuck this huge cock.  I can't believe I put up with your little worm for so long.  Now run me a bath for when I'm finished."

Anti-Smoking Hypnosis Session

"Just a light hypnosis to start with.  Your wife wants you to give up smoking - is that right?   Relax - that's it.  You are in a trance state.  Now follow Mrs Smith and she will get you ready.  Do what ever she says."

- Later -

"That's better - I hope you like the clothes - now some deep hypnosis."

"You are addicted to wearing nylons."

"The touch of nylon on your skin is the most sensuous feeling you have ever felt."

"You can go out in public dressed like a woman without concern."

"You wouldn't be seen dead wearing flat shoes."

"You yearn to wear lingerie all the time."

"You are unable to get turned on without being dressed as a girl."

"Mens clothes are uncomfortable and hard."

"You love your wife."

"You want your wife to be happy."

"If you see your wife and me together you know she is happy."

"You will want to watch me fuck your wife."

"You will wear your sexiest lingerie when you watch me fuck your wife."

"Oh - one more thing - cigarettes are disgusting."

"That'll do.  Now follow Mrs Smith and she'll get you changed."

Always Read the Instructions

"Jesus - this is fucking amazing.  This female bodysuit is insane."


"Damn - I can't find the zipper.  I'll call Acme's support line."

"Don't worry sir.  We will send one of our agents to you right away.  The only way is gets totally stuck on is if you have sex, but that's made clear in the instructions."

"Instructions - ah yes.  So having sex makes the suit permanent?"

"Of course sir.  Its the only way we could make the penetration work.  The instructions make clear that you should only play with the clitoris and nipples.  Are you still there sir? ... Sir?"

A Present from Auntie

"Auntie - they are beautiful and they feel so real."

"They were very expensive Ricky - I hope you appreciate them.  But only the best for my favourite nephew."

"I do so love wearing these pretty things you buy me Auntie.  It's like our little secret."

"We can't keep a secret for much longer Ricky can we."

"I don't see why not Auntie.  Gosh these stockings and panties are so smooth."

"Lets get you dressed for a trip out."

"Out Auntie!  You think people will notice I'm a boy?"

"What with tits like those, I hardly think so - and those legs of yours have always been terrific."

"I'm glad you helped me wax them now.  It was quite painful, but I haven't had a hair grow for quite a few weeks."

"That'll be the hormone tablets I've been giving you."

"What are they Auntie?"

"Oh they help keep your skin soft.  So you like those tits."

"I do Auntie - they feel so real.  How do they make them so I can feel them when I touch them ... and I can't see the join."

"There's not stuck on silly boy.  They're real."

"They're what!  How am I going to walk around with a pair of tits?"

"Like any other pretty girl silly."

"Oh no!  ....  But they do feel kinda wonderful.  This is going to change everything.  What do we tell Mum and Dad?"

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Caught in the Act

"Oh Ricky, you are so pretty.  You make such a beautiful girl."

Thank you Auntie.  I thought it strange at first, but I'm beginning to enjoy being pretty."

"Oh I can feel your peenie is still in good working order."

"This is such a turn-on, I can't help it."

"Me too Ricky dear.  Lick my pussy - I think I'd like you to fuck me."

"Oh Auntie - really?

"Oh that's so good Ricky - I'm nearly ready.  Fuck me."

"You want to be fucked by a real man - not that tiny cocked tranny of a nephew."

"Frank - what are you doing home?"

"Ricky, suck his cock and he'll be fine."

"But Auntie!"

"Do as I say.  He won't tell you mummy if you do this."

That's it lad - you're good at this."

"Against the wall."

"But Uncle Frank!"

"Frank - he hasn't worn a butt-plug yet."

"He dressed like a girl - he gets fucked like a girl."


"Ricky - just relax - I promise it'll be nice."

"Are you OK Ricky?"

"Auntie - I think I'm about to cum.  Can you make him go faster Auntie?"

Crossdressed Cuckold

"I hope you're watching this honey - look at the size of this cock.  Yours won't even touch the sides after this.  Go ahead lover push it right in ... ahhh that's so good."

"Why are you being so beastly to me darling?  You dress me up like this then make me watch you get fucked."

"It's because we both know it turns you on and I get a fabulous fuck into the bargain.  That's it lover boy pound me really hard.  I won't break you know."

Auntie Knows Best

"Oh Mikey, you're hiding that nasty weenie of yours nicely today."

"Thank you Auntie.  It seems to be getting smaller lately, I'm worried.  I've stopped having to shave and my chest is getting puffy.  Do I need to see a doctor Auntie."

"Of course not dear - all quite normal.  You keep taking those vitamins pills and you'll be fine."

"Yes Auntie.  You know best"

Nice Legs

"Now Honey.  I'm cool with your crossdressing.  In fact - it's really quite a turn on.  But what I really take exception to is when you wear those RHT nylons your legs look nicer than mine."

Friday, 4 August 2017

Losing the Final Bet

"OK honey - you've tricked me so far - how are you going to make me beg to wear high heel shoes?  That's not possible."

---- oo ----

"OK Get out the car. and sit on that bench."
"Ouch!  These stones are painful!"

"I'm driving home - you are walking."
"These stones are sharp - I can't walk home like this."

"These heels or nothing."


"But you need to ask nicely!  - I'm driving home now."

"Fuck!  Throw them to me."

"Say please."

"Please throw them."

"Not good enough."

"Honey - please let me wear those heels home."

"Good girl - here we go - seen you in an hour.  You're such a sissy."


"Dude - bummer your aunt dressed you up like that and lock those heels on you.  What the hell did you do."

"She - eh caught me going through her things."

"What her valuables."

"No - her lingerie."

"Seriously dude - why were you going through her lingerie?"

"Don't you find it kinda nice."

"I like it on girls ... actually, I've just notice - you have great legs you know."

"Look that's not funny, now lets change the subject - I need go around like this in public for the evening as a punishment - don't make it any harder."

"You're making it harder dude - fuck they're stockings!  That's so hot!"

"Stop fooling around.  I'm a guy in a dress.  That's not sexy."

"Stand up - let's see.   Looking pretty sexy to me.  Can't even feel your cock."

"It's tucked away between my legs.  These panties are so tight my balls have even disappeared way up inside somewhere.  Now get away from me."

"Stop it - neither of us are gay, this is silly."

"Just a little kiss princess."


"I can't help it.  You're legs in those stockings and garters are irresistible."

"This is getting out of hand how please stop."

"What the fuck!"

"These panties must go - we need some access."

"Stop - you're hurting me!"

"Lift you on that seat, now relax a little and ..... there."

"Ahhh!  Oh my god that's so good.  Please don't tell anyone about this."

"Our little secret babe.

"I'm cumming!"

"Not inside me - please."

"Ahhh!  There we go.  Cum stains on your aunts lingerie should please here."

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