Thursday, 20 July 2017

Wasn't Expecting That

"Honey - I'm so glad you are so cool with my crossdressing.  I feel wonderful - these new clothes are fabulous.  That makeover you arranged was amazing." 

"I have a little surprise for you dear.  Look under your skirt."

"Fully-fashioned stockings honey - my favourite!"

"No look harder"

"A garter belt - scrummy!"

"No try under the panties."

"A pussy!   Fuck - you've cut my dick off!!"

"Well sort of reshaped it actually - but those clothes are going to fit a whole lot better."

"How are we going to have sex?"

"Well I'm going to carry on fucking your boss.  You can do whatever the fuck you like - you might want to see if that little tart from typing still wants you, but I doubt it.  Oh and I want a divorce."

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I love to wear stockings. Nylons against silky smooth shaven legs is probably the most erotic thing in the world. Walking outside in them under a skirt feels fantastic.