Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Cocoon

The new ACME Transformation Cocoon will transform you into the person you want to be.  Bob wanted to be a more assertive, dynamic and better looking guy.  So he bought a cocoon to improve his career and his success with women.

The trouble is that the cocoon taps into your deepest desires and as Bob relaxed into a sleep he began his usual fantasies.

He awoke with a start a immediately saw his new breasts.


The process was still taking place - he could see his cock shrinking away."

"Help!  Let me out!"

But nobody could hear him. 

He felt his cock shrink deep inside him leaving a beautiful pussy that was wet and sensitive.

"Oh God what have I done!"

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  1. Delicia de posição,que gostosa,que tesão,tirei a minha cueca, quero socar esse pinto que esta bem duro aqui,beijos....


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