Thursday, 20 July 2017

Dressing at Aunties

"I'm not sure about this Auntie Amanda.  I love these pretty clothes, but must I get dressed with Uncle Tom in the room?"

"Yes you must dear, now pull up your panties like a good girl.  Can't you see Tom likes to watch you dressed like this."

"There, now look how pretty you are.  Go, see if his stockings are straight Tom."

"Now let's see - seams are OK.  Panties up nice and tight.  His tiny peenie is really very hard indeed.  I think he's enjoying this Mandy.  A few more strokes and ... there we go."
"Cumming that quick my lad, it's a good job you're not going to have to satisfy women with this cock of yours."

"Tom - show him what it's like to get fuck - he'll love it."


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