Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Daughter at Last

"Mummy - what have you done - I look like a girl!"

"While you've been asleep, I have changed your clothes and fixed you some make-up."

"Mummy - my hair is so long - is it real?"

"Of course dear.  You have been asleep for a little while.  You remember I caught you wearing a pair of my pantyhose?  That was a year ago - you have been asleep all that time."

"Have I been sick?"

"You've been in hospital dear."

"Mummy! - I have breasts like you - what's happening?"

"These will fit into silky bras so much better.  Plus you would look silly without them."

"What do you mean Mummy ..."

"... oh no - you haven't.   Where's my cock Mummy?"

"You have a pussy now dear.  That's much better, take off those panties and put your hand on it."

"Oh Mummy - that feels so good."

"It does doesn't it.  Our girls little secret."

"That little lump near the top is your clitty - try rubbing that with your finger."

"Oh my goodness Mummy."

"Now pinch your nipple with the other hand."

"Mummy something's happening.  My hold body is tingling.  Ahhhhhhhh oh my god this is amazing!!"

"That's your first girly orgasm dear.  You are going to love being a girl and I have the daughter I have always wanted.  It's going to be so much fun."

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