Sunday, 18 June 2017

In the Park

"So I look like a girl, so what?  I'm a guy and don't find this at all exciting.  Your experiment has failed, now let me take this ridiculous outfit off."

"Ah crap - the zipper's stuck.  You got some scissors to cut this off me?  What's that thing?"

"This is a remote controller deal.  I press this button like this - click - and it releases the hormones from the capsule you took this morning that you thought were your vitamins.  Now I press this button and ..."

"Oh my god that's incredible - stop it please I can't control myself.  Help I'm cumming!"

"Holy crap I've cumming again - in public - dressed as a girl - this is so ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

"Honey - you're drawing a crowd - giggle"

"Ahhhh - I can't stop cumming!  Don't you dare turn that off!"

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  1. Delicia gata,que gostosa,que tesão,tirei a minha cueca,quero chupar todinha e socar esse pinto que esta bem duro aqui,beijos....


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