Saturday, 17 June 2017


Ricky was just getting into a dreamy crossdressing session.
"Hello big boy - you fancy some fun?"

When suddenly the door burst open and his mom was standing there crossed-arms.

"Well - don't you look the sexy little tart?"

"Oh crap Mom - I didn't hear you come in."


"Well I can see why my nylons aren't lasting as long as they used to.  Cover yourself up and pull this skirt on."

"Mom - I want to change now."

"You were very keen to be a girl 10 minutes ago.  Do as I say."

"They're my best heels you sneaky little cow.  We need to get you some of your own from the mall.  Let's find you a short coat to go out in."

"WHAT! - No!"

"Oh yes my little girly son.  You are going to be dressing like a girl a lot from now on."

Ricky sat there and contemplated the situation.  He wanted to dress like a girl more than anything, but he had lost control and now had no idea where it would lead.

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  1. Wow, I wish my moment of discovery had gone that well!


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