Friday, 26 May 2017

Entering the Web

"Run.  She will let you fuck her once and then you will be hers forever.  You will be her slave like I am.  You will be forced to have breast implants and hormones.  You will end up craving sex all the time.  There is no escape once you have had this one moment of ecstasy."

"Don't worry - I'm  already like you.  I need these clothes.  Fucking the mistress is a bonus I never thought would happen.  Make sure I am very pretty for her."

New Daughter

"Mummy, please do make me go out like this."

"Ricky dear - if you insist on trying on my panties then you need to learn a lesson.  You want to wear girly clothes, so you are going to wear them."

"Now come along, you and me are going shopping young lady.  If you are very nice, I might let you have some nylons."

The Graduate

"Oh Auntie, this is so exciting.  I've been wearing these low heels for a week and I so want to try some stilettos like yours."

"You deserve it dear - you have worked so hard to be graceful and feminine.  I think you are ready."

"Goodness me, they are so high - will I be able to walk in them?"

"You will wobble to start with.  But I think your ankles are nice and strong from those training shoes."

"They are a perfect fit Auntie."

"Of course they are - we both know we are the same size."

"They look beautiful Auntie.  My ankles looks so pretty."

"We need to get you out walking in them now honey."

Sunday, 14 May 2017

A Walk in the Park

"Auntie, this is so exciting being out in the park dressed like a girl.  Do you think anyone can tell?"

"No dear, you look lovely.  Now sit down I have a surprise."

"What kind of surprise Auntie?"

"You know those panties we used to tuck your little clit away ..."

"Yes Auntie - they are very tight.  You locked them on too - I'm a little worried about that."

"Don't be silly.  Now if I click this button ..."

"Oh Auntie - they're vibrating.  That thing you pushed into by butt is vibrating too.  Help Auntie, we can't do this outside!"

"Enjoy it sweetie.  Us girls do it all the time.  It's such fun."

"Auntie - I'm cumming!"

"Auntie - let's go home.  I'm all wet and I'm scared now I've cum."

"Don't worry.  That cum isn't going to get out of those panties.  Now cross your legs again and compose yourself.  You're looking like you've just been fucked."

"That's because I feel as if I have been Auntie.  I think my ankles have gone all weak.  Do you have some flat shoes?"

"No I do not, now come on young man."

"Oh Auntie - my cum is running down my legs now.

"Perhaps you need a little chastity when we come out in future.  I have just the thing when we get home.

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I love to wear stockings. Nylons against silky smooth shaven legs is probably the most erotic thing in the world. Walking outside in them under a skirt feels fantastic.