Thursday, 5 January 2017

Preparing for the Party.

"There we go - a pair of my sister's heels finishes you off.  You make a great girl - we're going to win the fancy dress prize for sure.  I'll get a drink then I'll get changed."

"Kyle, I'm sure about this - I feel so ... exposed.  Even wearing these hose I feel naked.  More naked than actually being naked if that makes sense."

"Not really - you sure are pretty though."

"Kyle - don't be stupid - I'm a guy remember."

"I do remember, but that doesn't make you any less pretty."

"Kyle take you hand off of my cock.  Look you're drunk - stop it."

"OK - there we go - I've stopped.  But I don't think you really want me to."

"I don't know, somehow these clothes make me feel so sexy and feminine."

"I can feel your little cock stiffening.  You want me."

"Please don't Kyle."

"Oh Kyle, that feels amazing."

"Time to suck my dick you little bitch."

"Ouch!  Oh wow - Kyle.  Please don't tell anyone."

"OK - now you find out what getting fuck by a real man is like."

"Kyle stop - you're frightening me!"

"Tell me to stop again and I will."

"No - don't!"

"Say please."

"Please Kyle - I'm close to cumming - please don't stop."

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  1. vestirsi da femminuccia davanti ad un uomo e ti accorgi che lui si eccita e ti desidera allora vuol dire che accetta ed ammira la tua anima da femmina la tua voglia di muoverti da ragazza le tue forme sexy e accattivanti con tacchi alti calze e vestitino trovate un uomo così sposatelo vi farà sempre felice...vuol dire che gli piacete sia di amino che di carnalità!! baci baci baci


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