Sunday, 8 January 2017

Meeting Uncle

"Oh Uncle - Auntie has made me dress like this - she's thrown out my boy clothes."

"Ah Mikey - your Aunt is very strict like that.  She loves to feminize boys like yourself ... and you know, most enjoy it.  You don't look too unset about it."

"I must admit to liking looking pretty uncle."

"The trouble is Mikey, you look too pretty and get us hot-blooded men all excited."

"I quite like the idea of getting men excited Uncle."


"Turn round Mikey - I'll show you what me do when they are excited and find a girl really pretty."


"There Mikey.  Only the prettiest girls get a nice hard cock in their pussy.  It's the finest compliment a guy can make to a girl.  Your Aunt has trained you very well."


  1. essere vestita da uomini maturi da ragazza da collegiale da studentessa mi fa eccitare tantissimo in minigonna e tacchi con calze velate e camicetta bianca ti rendono femminile e sexy e agli uomini maturi piace conquistare giovani creature...!! baci baci baci

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