Saturday, 14 January 2017

Aunt's Plaything

"Auntie, I'm really not sure about this now.  I don't want to go out shopping dressed like this."

"Now listen dear.  You are very pretty.  Nobody will know ... apart from that bulge."

"Sorry Auntie - these clothes feel so good it makes my weenie all hard."

"We can sort that out.  Turn around."


"Stand still, once you cum we can make you nice and flat again."

"Oh Auntie - that's wonderful."

"That's better honey.  Oops, let's get rid of that splash of cum.  That's better.  Nice and flat now."

"Auntie.  I don't want to go out."

"Come here!"

"Ouch Auntie that hurts."

"I'll hurt you more if you keep being so silly - now you are coming out."

"And as well as buying ourselves some sexy clothes, I may find you a nice boy to play with."

"Auntie no!"

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  1. a volte noi piccole e carine sissy-femminucce lo facciamo apposta a fare i piace essere coccolate dalle belle zie e poi con la scusa di rimproverarci ci fanno tante dolci carezze sul nostro sodo e bel culo...siamo così gattine che poi anche loro si eccitano e la festa dell'amore comincia !! baci baci baci...splendide immagini grazie !!


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