Thursday, 26 January 2017


"Hi Mike, the flight was cancelled.  I'll be home in 2 minutes, could you be a dear and open the garage for me.  Love you."

An Unexpected Journey

"What do you mean going out like this?"

"Of course, why else did we go to all that trouble?"

"You said you wanted to see if I could look like a girl.  I'm not going out."

"Of course you are dear.  You wouldn't like these photos to end up on your Facebook page would you?  Now be a good boy and come with me."

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Aunt's Plaything

"Auntie, I'm really not sure about this now.  I don't want to go out shopping dressed like this."

"Now listen dear.  You are very pretty.  Nobody will know ... apart from that bulge."

"Sorry Auntie - these clothes feel so good it makes my weenie all hard."

"We can sort that out.  Turn around."


"Stand still, once you cum we can make you nice and flat again."

"Oh Auntie - that's wonderful."

"That's better honey.  Oops, let's get rid of that splash of cum.  That's better.  Nice and flat now."

"Auntie.  I don't want to go out."

"Come here!"

"Ouch Auntie that hurts."

"I'll hurt you more if you keep being so silly - now you are coming out."

"And as well as buying ourselves some sexy clothes, I may find you a nice boy to play with."

"Auntie no!"

Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Pleasure Trap

"John, you can pull on that butt plug all you like - it's locked in and this key is the only one that will release you.  Now, if I press this button here ..."

"Ahhh it's vibrating!"

"And you will find sending little electric shocks right into your man G-spot - nice?  Now, carry on dressing of this isn't coming out.  If you are a good girl I'll turn it on again and let you cum."

Meeting Uncle

"Oh Uncle - Auntie has made me dress like this - she's thrown out my boy clothes."

"Ah Mikey - your Aunt is very strict like that.  She loves to feminize boys like yourself ... and you know, most enjoy it.  You don't look too unset about it."

"I must admit to liking looking pretty uncle."

"The trouble is Mikey, you look too pretty and get us hot-blooded men all excited."

"I quite like the idea of getting men excited Uncle."


"Turn round Mikey - I'll show you what me do when they are excited and find a girl really pretty."


"There Mikey.  Only the prettiest girls get a nice hard cock in their pussy.  It's the finest compliment a guy can make to a girl.  Your Aunt has trained you very well."

Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Job

"Well that seems to me everything Miss Smith, I think we can offer you the position.  There's just one thing that's curious on your CV.  You have your pastime as crossdressing."

"That's correct, do you have a problem with that?"

"No, no, that's fine.  Just as long as you wear smart business clothes we are all open minded here."

A few weeks later.

"Hello Miss Smith, we are all very pleased with your work.  Just one thing, we haven't seen you crossdressed yet."

"Are you serious Mr Jones, I am crossdressed."


Thursday, 5 January 2017

Preparing for the Party.

"There we go - a pair of my sister's heels finishes you off.  You make a great girl - we're going to win the fancy dress prize for sure.  I'll get a drink then I'll get changed."

"Kyle, I'm sure about this - I feel so ... exposed.  Even wearing these hose I feel naked.  More naked than actually being naked if that makes sense."

"Not really - you sure are pretty though."

"Kyle - don't be stupid - I'm a guy remember."

"I do remember, but that doesn't make you any less pretty."

"Kyle take you hand off of my cock.  Look you're drunk - stop it."

"OK - there we go - I've stopped.  But I don't think you really want me to."

"I don't know, somehow these clothes make me feel so sexy and feminine."

"I can feel your little cock stiffening.  You want me."

"Please don't Kyle."

"Oh Kyle, that feels amazing."

"Time to suck my dick you little bitch."

"Ouch!  Oh wow - Kyle.  Please don't tell anyone."

"OK - now you find out what getting fuck by a real man is like."

"Kyle stop - you're frightening me!"

"Tell me to stop again and I will."

"No - don't!"

"Say please."

"Please Kyle - I'm close to cumming - please don't stop."

Against the Wall

"Look, the only way you're going to get rid of that bulge is to jack off, so you're not leaving that corner until you have emptied your balls.  Then we have half a chance of passing you off as a girl.  Now hurry up."

First Time Out

"What the ... you've got a cock!"

"Sorry sweetie - I thought you knew.  Look, this is my first time out dressed, I'm not even gay, I just wanted to see if I could pass as a girl.  I'll get my coat."

"Oh you pass alright ... and there's go way you're  going home without first getting fucked up that tight little butt of yours straight or not."

First Time as a Maid

"Auntie - I love it - it's so pretty and soft."

"I'm glad you like it dear, but if you're going to carry on wearing this kind of outfit, there are a few duties you need to learn."

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