Thursday, 20 July 2017

Wasn't Expecting That

"Honey - I'm so glad you are so cool with my crossdressing.  I feel wonderful - these new clothes are fabulous.  That makeover you arranged was amazing." 

"I have a little surprise for you dear.  Look under your skirt."

"Fully-fashioned stockings honey - my favourite!"

"No look harder"

"A garter belt - scrummy!"

"No try under the panties."

"A pussy!   Fuck - you've cut my dick off!!"

"Well sort of reshaped it actually - but those clothes are going to fit a whole lot better."

"How are we going to have sex?"

"Well I'm going to carry on fucking your boss.  You can do whatever the fuck you like - you might want to see if that little tart from typing still wants you, but I doubt it.  Oh and I want a divorce."

An Education

"Auntie - why is this lady sucking this man's peenie?  It looks so funny."

"Because he likes it Ricky dear, and it's so nice to have a hard cock in your mouth."

"Come on let me show you."

"Auntie, no!"

"You'll like it - and you will have to learn how to do it yourself.""No Auntie - I don't want to do that.""You will love it.  This time I will make you cum through your pantyhose.  When you are wearing stockings I will be able to take you inside my mouth.  Relax.""Oh Auntie - that's amazing!"

Dressing at Aunties

"I'm not sure about this Auntie Amanda.  I love these pretty clothes, but must I get dressed with Uncle Tom in the room?"

"Yes you must dear, now pull up your panties like a good girl.  Can't you see Tom likes to watch you dressed like this."

"There, now look how pretty you are.  Go, see if his stockings are straight Tom."

"Now let's see - seams are OK.  Panties up nice and tight.  His tiny peenie is really very hard indeed.  I think he's enjoying this Mandy.  A few more strokes and ... there we go."
"Cumming that quick my lad, it's a good job you're not going to have to satisfy women with this cock of yours."

"Tom - show him what it's like to get fuck - he'll love it."


Thursday, 6 July 2017

Rule 1

Golden rules of being a closet crossdresser:

 1. Never fall asleep on the couch if your parents are due home.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Daughter at Last

"Mummy - what have you done - I look like a girl!"

"While you've been asleep, I have changed your clothes and fixed you some make-up."

"Mummy - my hair is so long - is it real?"

"Of course dear.  You have been asleep for a little while.  You remember I caught you wearing a pair of my pantyhose?  That was a year ago - you have been asleep all that time."

"Have I been sick?"

"You've been in hospital dear."

"Mummy! - I have breasts like you - what's happening?"

"These will fit into silky bras so much better.  Plus you would look silly without them."

"What do you mean Mummy ..."

"... oh no - you haven't.   Where's my cock Mummy?"

"You have a pussy now dear.  That's much better, take off those panties and put your hand on it."

"Oh Mummy - that feels so good."

"It does doesn't it.  Our girls little secret."

"That little lump near the top is your clitty - try rubbing that with your finger."

"Oh my goodness Mummy."

"Now pinch your nipple with the other hand."

"Mummy something's happening.  My hold body is tingling.  Ahhhhhhhh oh my god this is amazing!!"

"That's your first girly orgasm dear.  You are going to love being a girl and I have the daughter I have always wanted.  It's going to be so much fun."

Sunday, 2 July 2017

A Lesson in Tolerance

"... and when I say 'Wake up' you will be yourself once more - that straight guy who hates trannys and gays."

"Wake Up"

Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Cocoon

The new ACME Transformation Cocoon will transform you into the person you want to be.  Bob wanted to be a more assertive, dynamic and better looking guy.  So he bought a cocoon to improve his career and his success with women.

The trouble is that the cocoon taps into your deepest desires and as Bob relaxed into a sleep he began his usual fantasies.

He awoke with a start a immediately saw his new breasts.


The process was still taking place - he could see his cock shrinking away."

"Help!  Let me out!"

But nobody could hear him. 

He felt his cock shrink deep inside him leaving a beautiful pussy that was wet and sensitive.

"Oh God what have I done!"

Implications of Womanhood

"So Ricky, this is what girls really like."

"Auntie - isn't uncle Ted going to hurt you?  His cock is so big!"

"Oh no Ricky - it is wonderful.  You really must try it.  Ted, I really need it in me right now!"

"Listen to her beg for my cock Ricky."

"Ted - please fuck me!"

"Auntie - why do you want Uncle Ted's cock inside you so much."

"Now Ted - please!  Ricky I'm as horny as hell and I need to cum."

"Once I've finished with your Aunt - it's your turn pretty boy.  You have been a little girl for too long.  You need a man's cock to make you a woman."

Sunday, 18 June 2017


"I thought giving head was simple - but there's so much to remember, how do girls manage?"

"OK gorgeous - time for your practical.  Your mistress will not be happy if you haven't improved.  Now impress me."

In the Park

"So I look like a girl, so what?  I'm a guy and don't find this at all exciting.  Your experiment has failed, now let me take this ridiculous outfit off."

"Ah crap - the zipper's stuck.  You got some scissors to cut this off me?  What's that thing?"

"This is a remote controller deal.  I press this button like this - click - and it releases the hormones from the capsule you took this morning that you thought were your vitamins.  Now I press this button and ..."

"Oh my god that's incredible - stop it please I can't control myself.  Help I'm cumming!"

"Holy crap I've cumming again - in public - dressed as a girl - this is so ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

"Honey - you're drawing a crowd - giggle"

"Ahhhh - I can't stop cumming!  Don't you dare turn that off!"

Trouble Ahead

"Jeez these pantyhose feel amazing."

"I need to look at them again.  Oh my god - they are so sexy.  I am in heaven!"

"Where the fuck is that little slut.  He should have been here by now.  I force him so walk through the park dressed as a girl and I bet he's hiding behind every bush.  Just wait until he turns up."

"I suppose I had better head home.  This is so erotic - I just had no idea.  I hope Mistress isn't waiting."

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Out in a New Skirt

"Trust me Ricky dear  - the skirt isn't too short and your seems are perfectly straight."


Ricky was just getting into a dreamy crossdressing session.
"Hello big boy - you fancy some fun?"

When suddenly the door burst open and his mom was standing there crossed-arms.

"Well - don't you look the sexy little tart?"

"Oh crap Mom - I didn't hear you come in."


"Well I can see why my nylons aren't lasting as long as they used to.  Cover yourself up and pull this skirt on."

"Mom - I want to change now."

"You were very keen to be a girl 10 minutes ago.  Do as I say."

"They're my best heels you sneaky little cow.  We need to get you some of your own from the mall.  Let's find you a short coat to go out in."

"WHAT! - No!"

"Oh yes my little girly son.  You are going to be dressing like a girl a lot from now on."

Ricky sat there and contemplated the situation.  He wanted to dress like a girl more than anything, but he had lost control and now had no idea where it would lead.

Friday, 16 June 2017

The Promise of a Night of Passion

"Honey, there's no way you can make me pass for a girl."

"You will be the prettiest girl at the party.  Now hold still.  Remember - you pull this off and I won't tell your friends about how you enjoy wearing this stuff.  Besides, you look damned hot.  I'm getting horny as hell just thinking of fucking you later."

"That's the other think honey.  Do I really need to wear this butt plug?"

"It's for your own good honey.  The strap-on cock I've bought for you isn't small."

Friday, 26 May 2017

Entering the Web

"Run.  She will let you fuck her once and then you will be hers forever.  You will be her slave like I am.  You will be forced to have breast implants and hormones.  You will end up craving sex all the time.  There is no escape once you have had this one moment of ecstasy."

"Don't worry - I'm  already like you.  I need these clothes.  Fucking the mistress is a bonus I never thought would happen.  Make sure I am very pretty for her."

New Daughter

"Mummy, please do make me go out like this."

"Ricky dear - if you insist on trying on my panties then you need to learn a lesson.  You want to wear girly clothes, so you are going to wear them."

"Now come along, you and me are going shopping young lady.  If you are very nice, I might let you have some nylons."

The Graduate

"Oh Auntie, this is so exciting.  I've been wearing these low heels for a week and I so want to try some stilettos like yours."

"You deserve it dear - you have worked so hard to be graceful and feminine.  I think you are ready."

"Goodness me, they are so high - will I be able to walk in them?"

"You will wobble to start with.  But I think your ankles are nice and strong from those training shoes."

"They are a perfect fit Auntie."

"Of course they are - we both know we are the same size."

"They look beautiful Auntie.  My ankles looks so pretty."

"We need to get you out walking in them now honey."

Sunday, 14 May 2017

A Walk in the Park

"Auntie, this is so exciting being out in the park dressed like a girl.  Do you think anyone can tell?"

"No dear, you look lovely.  Now sit down I have a surprise."

"What kind of surprise Auntie?"

"You know those panties we used to tuck your little clit away ..."

"Yes Auntie - they are very tight.  You locked them on too - I'm a little worried about that."

"Don't be silly.  Now if I click this button ..."

"Oh Auntie - they're vibrating.  That thing you pushed into by butt is vibrating too.  Help Auntie, we can't do this outside!"

"Enjoy it sweetie.  Us girls do it all the time.  It's such fun."

"Auntie - I'm cumming!"

"Auntie - let's go home.  I'm all wet and I'm scared now I've cum."

"Don't worry.  That cum isn't going to get out of those panties.  Now cross your legs again and compose yourself.  You're looking like you've just been fucked."

"That's because I feel as if I have been Auntie.  I think my ankles have gone all weak.  Do you have some flat shoes?"

"No I do not, now come on young man."

"Oh Auntie - my cum is running down my legs now.

"Perhaps you need a little chastity when we come out in future.  I have just the thing when we get home.

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