Thursday, 29 December 2016

School Reunion

"Oh Auntie - I love the way my legs look and feel in these nylons - and I'm getting better with these heels too."

"That's a good boy Ricky.  Nobody would even know you were a boy."


"What's the matter Ricky dear?"

"There's a boy over there from my school.  If he recognizes me I'm dead."

"He won't recognize you - in fact I know young Jake there, he delivers my groceries.  Let me introduce you."


"Hi Jake - have you met my niece ... Ricky - short for Patricia?"

"Hi Miss Jones, no.  Hello Ricky - I know your cousin ... also called Ricky."

"Err - hello Jake.  You are a friend of my cousin?"

"Well no - he's a bit of a weed."

"Say would you like to come to see a film with me tonight?"

"Er no thanks, I have something to do."

"Ricky - of course you can go."


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  1. adoro come scrivi senza fronzoli come se fosse successo ora davanti ai miei occhi...!! sei splendida sempre mi sono immedesimata nella "nipotina" con la zia adorabile che asseconda e migliora le nostre scelte di esser femminucce belle...magari ad averne di così amabili zie ed amiche !! grazie tesoro adoro il tuo blog le foto pubblicate son bellissime ti auguro serene giornate di festa ricche di amore !! baci baci baci


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