Thursday, 29 December 2016

Pretty Husband

"My you are excited George!"

"You're Ma told me you liked playing dress-up just before we got married."

"Don't catch those nylons!"

"Now you're going to be a good boy and look pretty while I entertain a guest.  You'll know him - he's your boss.  I want you to help me fuck him.  If you do, I'll let you carry on wearing these pretty little clothes.  If not, I'll divorce you and take you for every penny you have."

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  1. nel matrimonio vanno divise gioie e dolori e perché nò anche gli abiti...!! la lingerie femminile un poco vintage io la adoro è splendidamente elegante e sexy allo stesso tempo rende i corpi femminili come non mai !!! baci baci baci


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