Sunday, 6 November 2016

A Young Girl

Some years ago, Ricky visited his aunt in France.  His aunt was a famous designer and persuaded him to try on some of her designs.  He had never crossdressed properly until then.  He had obviously tried of his mom's pantyhose and shoes - everyone does that ... don't they?  But his aunt applied make-up and gave his a wig and found things that fitted him perfectly.  Wendy was born and Ricky spend his time with his aunt learning to act like a young girl and going out with her aunt in the evening.

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  1. la zia ha saputo cogliere il lato femminile del giovane...trasformandolo in una splendida femminuccia elegante sofisticata dolcemente sexy...basta un poco di gusto ed ecco come da un brutto anatroccolo può nascere un bel cigno roseo !!! grazie amore tu sai colpire ed appassionare sempre il nostro cuore con delicate e soavi brevi storie e meravigliose e romantiche foto !! baci baci baci


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