Sunday, 16 October 2016

Trapped in Chastity (2)

"So you don't think it's fair that I glued your chastity device.  Oh dear.  Then you're not going to be too happy about the glue I put in those shoes, the locks on your corset, the fastening of your maid outfit,  and the tags on that garter belt.  You're going to be stuck like that for weeks, so you better start liking it.  Now pour me some wine."

Very Narrow Escape

"Hey son you in there - you're home early from school."

"Dad - don't come in ... I'm errr planning a surprise!"

"Can't I even peek son?"

"NO!  No peeking Dad."

Trapped in Chastity

Try as he might, Rick couldn't prize oven his chastity device - probably due to glue that his wife had put into the mechanism without him knowing.

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