Saturday, 23 July 2016

Snapping Out of It

As soon as Ricky saw the content of the box the hypnosis ended - he suddenly saw what he had become.  He suddenly felt the height of those heels, the weight of his breasts and the length of his hair.

"Oh my God, what have you done to me?"

He yelled to his wife.

"I thought you'd be pleased, I found a box of heels and stockings in the attic.  I assume they are yours.  I thought rather than playing girlie dress-up while I am out you would like to be the real thing."

"Oh no!"

"Oh yes - 18 months of hormones, a diet and a few procedures.  I got cheap rates form the surgeon, Ted, we're going to be married you know."

"What - we're married."

"Not any more.  The divorce came through yesterday.  You gave me the lot in the settlement as it happens.  Very generous.  You just need to decide whether you want to loose your cock.  You've been living the life of a girl since the hypnosis; your family hate you, your boss sacked you.  On the plus side, you are making big money in the porn industry."

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  1. è vero amore quando si è raggiunti certi alti livelli di femminilità noi trav ci sentiamo pronte per il grande salto...e tutto il nostro passato si azzera ora comincia una nuova vita autonoma e fatta di scelte più esaltanti emozionanti appaganti passionali...e perchè nò sognare di diventare una porno-star...!! baci baci baci


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