Sunday, 10 July 2016

Resistance is Futile

Rick was getting real scared.  He'd decided to visit a bondage club to explore his fetish for rubber and latex, but nothing had prepared him for this.  He must have been drugged because he came too bound and gagged what seemed to be crossdressed.

"Are you're awake Rick.  We needed to find out what really turns you on, so we had to ... relax you a little.  Even we were a little shocked at what gets you going.  So here we are.  Crossdressed in rubber bound and gagged and on live video."


"Now the challenge is this.  If you don't like this and you don't want us to send a link of this webcast to your wife, then just lose that boner.  You have 10 minutes to relax."


The problem was he was loving this - he had never felt so alive - his senses were all in overload and he just needed to cum.

"Still hard honey - well here goes the e-mail."


  1. trovarsi come femminuccia così legata ed imbavagliata non deve essere facile stare calme e docili...per poterlo fare devi conoscere bene i tuoi partner e fidarti di loro...solo allora poi piano piano mi farei fare cose sempre più forti ed adoro essere sottomessa e avre sempre il mio culo fresco e sodo pieno di cose grosse e carnose ed essere sempre dissetata da umori dorati e tanto viscoso caldo sperma !!! grazie amore baci baci baci

  2. Very horny caption, a dream come true!


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