Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Gift

Jack has recently discovered the ability to transfer himself into his wife's head.  It was so cool, he could feel everything she felt.  He had taken to buying her sexy lingerie because he was able to experience the thrill of wearing it while she was at work.

Today she was looking particularly stunning as she left for the office, so Jack decided to transfer into her head after she left.

A few short breaths and he was suddenly feeling her tight blouse and those amazing stockings.  He was so turned on.

The next minute he was taken completely by surprise.  He sudden felt himself forced over and a then was penetrated.  It was amazing.  He had caught his wife being fucked by her boss and was experiencing it himself.  The ridge of his cock could be felt all the way down as is slowly and gently eased in and then slid back out.  He felt his wife orgasm and at that instant orgasmed himself.  It was the most intense sensation of pleasure he had ever had.

He thought that was it - but oh no, the thrusts got harder and the pleasure just didn't stop.  He was cumming constantly now.  The cock was going so deep inside and he could feel every feature of it and every contour made him cum more as it stimulated his soaking vagina.

There was a pause.  He felt her bra being removed and she turned around as sat.  Those stockings still felt amazing, but there was also a longing in his new vagina for cock.  Then it was there first teasing his vaginal lips, then sliding in, now with ease.  He felt his wife start to play with her tits and felt the orgasms building.

Then suddenly, once again he was in a state of permanent orgasm.  The pounding was incredible. His empty balls pulsed for more cum as he started to scream as his wife was doing right now.

With a cock still inside his he felt himself lifted and put on a cold surface - he was being banged on a desk.  His stockinged ankles were being held firmly and was being pulled onto that amazing cock.

He then felt a rough hand grab one of his tits and start squeezing it  and at the same time the cock inside his started pounding faster and growing even larger and harder.

Oh God, he was cumming, he was going to cum inside his wife.  He wanted it so badly, then finally with an immense thrust he had final intense orgasm and felt the cock inside him pulsing as in pumped hot fluid deep inside him.

He felt the cock withdraw and rub itself all over his pussy lips.  He was exhausted.

He suddenly came out from his trance state soaked in sweat and his own cum.  What was he going to do?  Buy his wife some even sexier lingerie for work - that's what.

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