Sunday, 13 December 2015


"I'm not happy honey.  This isn't the sort of experience I wanted.  A track day in a fast car - yes, a day as a secretary - no.  What were you thinking?"

"I thought you'd like it dear."

"Stand up Mr Smith - and smile please."

"You have great legs honey - I thought you'd like it - a bit of an escape."

"I feel silly standing here in this short skit and stockings.  How long will it take for my damn leg-hair to grow back?"

"Undo you hair but Sir, pull up your skirt a little - that's great.  Mess with you hair."

"If its any conciliation honey, this seeing you like that is making me horny as hell."


"OK Sir, lose the suit and blouse, we'll try some lingerie shots."

"Jesus you're stunning honey.  You wait until I get you home."

"I didn't realise you like this sort of thing Jane.  How about this?"

"Oh my honey, we might have to cut this short - don't get changed back into your man clothes whatever you do."

"OK - the booty shot sir."

"That's a rap - great session, the photos will be in the post."

"Get that dress on and get in the car quick."

"OK honey - you know - I think I like looking like this too."

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