Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sissy's First Time Out in Public

"Mummy, I'm scared, people are looking at me.  They know I'm a boy."

"Nonsense dear.  People always look at pretty girls.  A few more pictures and the shoot will be done."

"Can't you use a girl to model your clothes Mummy."

"I could, but we both know you like wearing them, so let's drop the pretence."

"Do all girls need to wear a plastic peenie in their butts like you made me do Mummy?"

"We not all dear.  But when I press this you will understand."

"OooOOOHH  - Mummy!  What's happening?"

"That's a vibrator dear.  Now just relax and enjoy it.  We girls are able to cum in the street and nobody knows."

"Help Mummy.  My legs have gone to jelly."

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