Friday, 9 October 2015

A Dancer Born

"Please Auntie make him stop!"

"This is your training Peter dear, a good ballet dancer can stay on pointe and be fucked hard in the butt, it's a well known fact."

"All I want is to look pretty and wear pretty clothes Auntie, this is humiliating."

"Laura - make this little faggot keep quiet I'm trying to concentrate."


"Peter dear, don't make him angry or I will have to tie you up on pointe all night."

"But Auntie."

"That's it Peter, 12 hours on pointe will teach you to be more subservient in future."

"Auntie, help!"

"OK, that's enough.  Now will you be a nice little sissy from now on?"

"Yes Auntie *sob*"


Friday, 2 October 2015

Trapped in Maidship

It suddenly hit Jim as he saw his reflection.  He was trapped in this stranger's house with no other clothes and his cock securely locked in a chastity device.  An hour's kinky fun had now turned into 3 days and in 2 days he was due back from his fake business trip to Europe.

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