Friday, 7 August 2015


Ted is in big trouble.  His wife has arrived early and he was now trapped outside in the skimpiest of skirts and a pair of impractical heels that he had just bought.

Funny thing is, she was with her boss.  She must be looking for some paperwork.

New Girl

"Ricky!  What are you doing dressed like that?"

"Hello Mummy.  I've been waiting for you to get home.  I've made a decision.  I want to be a lady just like you.  I wanted to show you how pretty I can be."

"Ricky, you're my little boy."

"Do I look like a boy Mummy."

"To be honest, you look fabulous.  Are you sure?"

"I feel alive dressed like this.  I want to be like this always.  Please Mummy, let me be a girl."

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Too Good

"What the fuck are you doing Paul?  My cuckhold sissy husband was supposed to help get you hard for me not get you off!"

"Sorry hun, he's got such great legs - I couldn't help myself. 

Mum Comes Home Early

"Peter!  Two questions immediately sping into my mind:
1) Why are you dressed as a girl?
2) Why is a man standing behind you with his penis inserted in your butt?"

Tortured into submission

A Sheltered Life


"I'm afraid taking it off Ricky dear is going to be much harder than putting it on.  The rubber will have fused to your skin by now.  It will hold you in that shape permanently.  Don't worry, the black colour will become transparent in a few days and then you will be able to go out.  After a month your nerves will have penetrated the rubber and it will feel like real skin.  Sex will be out of the question I'm afraid.  But you will be able to cum if you use a vibrator down there.  So there we have it - I hope you will enjoy your like as a maid - the uniform is over there.  Chop chop the kitchen will not clean itself."

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