Thursday, 29 January 2015

Kinky Wife

As Richard slid deep into his wife's soaking pussy he knew lovemaking would never be the same again.  He could see his wife was so turned on, and he was so hard it hurt.  The whole process of allowing himself to be transformed was so sexy.  She had turned him into a transvestite and he loved it.

Crossdressing Cuckold

"You can suck harder than that Georgie.  I need this guy good and hard before he fucks me.  I might even let you watch if you hurry up."

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Inner Lady Experience Day

David browsed the website full of day long activities.  He had been given a gift of a day's experience and he couldn't choose.

Photoshoot, yes, get some nice photos for his on-line presence.  He clicked, chose a date and thought nothing more about it.

On the arrange day, he drove himself out of town to the impressive country house where the photoshoot would take place.  He parked and walked into the reception.

"Hello, I'm here for the photoshoot experience."

"Aha you must be David, welcome.  Good, you are nice and thin, not too tall, you will make up well."

David thought this was odd, but assumed a little make-up was necessary to get the perfect shot.

"Could you please go down this corridor and they will apply the make-up and then dress you for the shoot."


"Hi Dave, my name is Jane, and I will be transforming you today."

"Transforming?  What do you mean?"

"Dressing you for the shoot Dave, you need to look pretty for the camera."

It was at this point Dave noticed the wigs and dress hanging on the far side of the room.

"You mean you are going to dress me as a girl?"

"Of course, that's what we do here at Inner Lady - is there some mistake?  you did sign up for the photoshoot?"


Dave was shaken, but he was here now.  His day was planned and paid for.  He was also a little curious now what the day was going to be like, so he decided there and then to stick with it.

"Then don't be shy, let me do my work.  Undress over there and put that gown on.  Then go into the bath area.  You'll find some shower gel, I'd like you to cover yourself in that (not your head) and stand for 5 minutes, that should soften your skin, then take a shower and come back out here."

As Dave stood in the shower waiting for the 5 minutes to pass he felt his skin tingle, so he was glad to turn on the water.  He was shocked when as the water hit him it not only took the gel away, but his body hair fell from him.  He got out of the shower feeling more naked than he had ever felt.

"Good, that's the messy bit.  Now we need to lose the penie, put these on Dave."

Dave was handed a pair of flesh colour lycra shorts, padded around the bottom and thighs, but they looked very small.

"Pull the on just past your knees.  Now hold still."

She knelt down and pushed back his foreskin snapping a rubber tube over the head of his penis.  She then took his penis and scrotum in her hand, she squeezed sending his balls up into his body.  She then snapped another tube over them so that the balls had no way back down.  She pushed his penis back between his legs and pulled up the shorts.  She then pulled the tube that was over the head of his penis and connected it to a small valve inside the shorts.

"Now you will be able to pee like a girl.  If you now put on these pantyhose, they will disguise the seem of the shorts."   "Perfect.  Now the make-up."

After an hour in make-up he was keen to see what he looked like.

"Not yet Dave.  We need to chose a wig, I think a blond bob would be perfect."

Dave saw the wig go on and heard her congratulating herself on a good job.

"Now slip into this girdle to hold everything in tight and then we will try a little black number for the first session."

The first site Dave got of himself was in the mirror as he was slipping into his high heeled shoes.

"Oh my God, what have you done?  I'm gorgeous."

"That's the general idea Dave, a few shots in the LBD, then we'll try something else."

"I must say Dave, you have terrific legs.  Let's go for some stockings and white lingerie."

"This is so cool.  I feel so sexy."

"You've hidden my cock so well even I can't tell I'm a guy."

"A few shots as posing as a secretary, then we'll try something else."

"How to you girls wear these shoes all day?"

"You will learn to love shoes Dave.  Let's try some others.  Perhaps in red."

"I like these shoes.  I think they fit better.  These black pantyhose look and feel great too."

"You like wearing hose Dave?"

"They are so soft on my legs and make them look so pretty, what's not to like?"

"Let's try something short and in check now Dave.  Everyday workwear, but sexy as hell."

"With legs like mine, it's going to be sexy whatever.

"Goodness me, my legs feel good.  I'm getting quite turned on.  It's a good job my cock is well contained."

"A few more shots and we will to an underwear shoot.  I have a surprise for the final shoot too."

"OK Dave, look like a tease, show us your stocking tops."

"That's it, pop the skirt off now and start unbuttoning the blouse."

"Great, now show us your butt, arch your back to make it stand out.  Great."

"Like this?"

"That's great Dave.  You enjoying it?"

"It's amazing.  The best thing I've ever done."

"This is your final shoot an we have a surprise for you.  OK, slip out of that blouse and lie on the floor."

"We have a vibrator built into those tubes on your penis.  You've been such a good girl I am going to turn it on for this shoot."

"Ahhhh - that's so good."

"You like being a girl Dave?"

"Ahhhh - that's amazing, yes - I love it."


"Answer the telephone Dave."

"Ahhh - I'm about to cum.  Hello."

"Hello Dave, this is Angela your wife here."

"Mmmmmm - A-A-A-ngela!"

"I can see you lying there in lingerie, stockings and heels bucking as you're about to cum.  I have the video.  Things are going to be different from now on."

"Hmmmmphhhh arrggh!  You bet they are going to be different Angela."

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