Sunday, 30 November 2014

Husband Helper

"Anne, I have to say, your husband is very understanding.  I can sort of understand the whole crossdressing thing, but having him prepare men for fucking you - that's special."

"Oh - I'm special sir.  Feel my stockings and thigh - that is special isn't it?"


"Are you really a man?  I've never felt skin so soft."

"Quiet Rick - it's me he's going to fuck not you, now get him hard for me."

"OK honey ... I think he's ready for you now."


"Is that comfortable honey?"

"Oh that's perfect Rick, just perfect."

The English Public School

"Jenkins, you are wearing stockings.  You know only prefects are permitted to wear stockings.  You boy are fifth form and must wear pantyhose."

"I know sir, sorry sir, my pantyhose are all in the wash - I borrowed Smith's nylons."

"Not good enough Jenkins.  Remove your top and assume the position."


"Hmm Jenkins.  Your stocking seems are nicely straight.  Perhaps I won't beat you this time.  Kneel boy."

"Thank you sir."


"Jenkins, your hormone treatment is working well.  You have a fine set of breasts developing there.  Now please commence your oral sex practice, you have 15 minutes before Latin and you will need to clean up."

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I love to wear stockings. Nylons against silky smooth shaven legs is probably the most erotic thing in the world. Walking outside in them under a skirt feels fantastic.