Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Lesson

"Auntie Anne, I look beautiful.  I feel so pretty.  Thank you for helping me look like a girl, its like a dream come true."

"I'm afraid you need to act like a girl too Georgie."

"What, you mean learn to walk in heels Auntie."

"No silly.  I mean do things that girls do."

"I don't follow Auntie."

"Georgie, I'll show you.  Open your mouth as wide as possible and close your eyes."

"Ahhhh Auu-ee I arrr ar."

"There we are Georgie.  Paul, in here."


"Here we are Georgie.  This is Paul a friend of mine.  This is what I mean by acting like a girl.  Giving head to a guy."

"Ahhh I aaah"

"That's it Georgie.  Work it wit your tongue."

"She's good Anne."

"Cum into her mouth Paul.  She needs to learn to like the taste."

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