Thursday, 31 July 2014

First Day at School

"So, James, your first day at our school.  You have been sent here as a last resort.  You have been sent down from five schools already; but not here.  Here is different, here you are expected to dress like a little sissy girl and will be pumped full of female hormones to calm down all those macho tendencies of yours.  And if you don't like it, there is a cane over there are you will be beaten if you do not comply with each of my instructions.  Is that clear James?"

"Yes Miss; but do I need to spend so long getting dressed and ready each day."

"Yes you do James.  You must learn to dress and do your makeup yourself too.  If you are not prettily turned out every day, you will be beaten.  Is that clear?"

"Yes Miss."


"Now James, touch my leg.  Go on.  Feel my soft nylons."

"Oh wow Miss, they are so soft."

"Higher James.  Feel my soft skin above the stockings."

"Oh miss, its so soft and cool."

"Keep feeling my thigh James, let me take off this blouse so you can see my breasts.  There, what do you think?"

"They are so big Miss."

"You've been used to little girls James.  It's time to finish off with a real woman.  Undo my skirt James."

"Yes Miss.  What do you mean finish off Miss?"

"Now take off your skirt, blouse, bra and those false titties and sit on the floor."

"Yes Miss."

 "I see you're nice and hard despite the hormones.  That's good, we can increase the dose.  Not very big are we."

"My dick's massive Miss."

"You are mistaken James, let me come and join you.  OK, up we go."

"Oh my God Miss!  Your pussy is sucking me in."

"That's my pelvic muscles James.  It takes practice.  It's a shame ... you really are so small, I'm never going to cum."

"Oh God.  Ahhh!"

"Under 15 seconds.  That was pathetic Jane."

"You mean James Miss."

"No Jane.  I have assessed you now, and you are going into the fast stream of the school.  You are being fully transformed.  You were so aggressive as a male, and so pathetically inadequate, you will cause trouble all your life compensating.  You my girl are on the fast track to womanhood and you cannot do a thing about it.  Now get that worm out of my pussy, make yourself presentable and get to your first class.  You need to learn to walk properly in those heels and 3 hours of deportment will sort that out."

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