Sunday, 18 May 2014

Working for his Wife

"I know you said you needed a secretary honey, but why me?"

"Don't you like your make-over sweetie?  I think you look very pretty.  I think you like it really."

"I feel quite exposed in this skirt and stockings.  I'm really scared of being found out."

"You won't be found out sweetie.  Just as long as you act like a girl.  Be flirty with the men, they love it."

"I don't want to flirt with men."

"Look sweetie, look at you legs, feel you legs in those hose."

"They do feel kinda good honey."

"That's it sweetie, enjoy it.  It's so much fun being a girl."


"My legs feel great honey, I think we better do something about this bulge in my panties."

"That ain't going nowhere sweetie, that tape is strong and those panties are tight."

"Sweetie, if I'm going to be your secretary ...."

"Yes honey - what is it?"

"Can I have bigger tits?"

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  1. I love this cap! I wish I could have clicked "Been There"


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