Sunday, 18 May 2014

Nephew's First Time

"Oh Auntie, I love this pink corset.  Where are we going?"

"We're nearly there now Ricky near ... here we are step out of the car."

"Let me have your coat dear."

"But Auntie, I don't have any knickers on."

"Don't worry Ricky, do as I say.  Now through there."

"Auntie who are these men?  Help - let me go!"

"Ricky, these are friends of mine.  Jerry here will complete your training as a little sissy."

"Auntie, I've changed my mind, I love the clothes but ..."

"On your knees you little slut."

"Jerry, that's my nephew your are talking to.  She isn't a slut - not yet."

"Auntie please make him Mmmmphmmphmmph ...."

"That's it bitch - suck it, make me hard so I can fuck you."

"That's it, I'm ready.  Stand-up and turn around."


"Ricky, relax.  Remember your training.  Let him in."

"Auntie I'm scared."

"There we go bitch, now you can see what its like to be fucked by a real man."

"Auntie, this man is a brute ...  I love it make him fuck me harder."

"So you like being fucked slut?"

"Yes, pound me harder."

"Take it easy Jerry, this is his first time."

"It's OK Auntie - it's good."

"OK bitch, if you want more come and sit on me.  Work for it.  That's it you slut.  You have no shame you just want to cum with a man in your arse."

"Tell him I'm not a slut Auntie."

"You're riding his dick Ricky.  I think you probably are a slut."

"Oh god, but it feels so good Auntie.  I need to cum so much.  Do only sluts feel like this?"

 "Turn around slut - you want to cum,  I'll make you cum."

"That's it Jerry - that's wonderful, you're in so deep.  Auntie - I'm going to cum!!"

"Hold on to it as long as you can Ricky - make it last"

"I'm going to explode Auntie."

"Not yet Ricky."

"Jerry is starting to buck Auntie, if I don't cum now it'll be too late."

"Now Ricky - let go now."

"Arrrgggghhh!  Auntie!  Oh my God, it's so good.  I can feel Jerry's cum spurting inside me.  Oh my god!"

"Jerry, you can leave us now.  Stand up Ricky."


"Ricky you really are quite a little slut.  I think it's time we went to see a surgeon don't you?"

Working for his Wife

"I know you said you needed a secretary honey, but why me?"

"Don't you like your make-over sweetie?  I think you look very pretty.  I think you like it really."

"I feel quite exposed in this skirt and stockings.  I'm really scared of being found out."

"You won't be found out sweetie.  Just as long as you act like a girl.  Be flirty with the men, they love it."

"I don't want to flirt with men."

"Look sweetie, look at you legs, feel you legs in those hose."

"They do feel kinda good honey."

"That's it sweetie, enjoy it.  It's so much fun being a girl."


"My legs feel great honey, I think we better do something about this bulge in my panties."

"That ain't going nowhere sweetie, that tape is strong and those panties are tight."

"Sweetie, if I'm going to be your secretary ...."

"Yes honey - what is it?"

"Can I have bigger tits?"

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