Sunday, 6 April 2014

Ricky's First Time Out

"Mummy, what have you done!"

"Ah you're awake.  I've Spent a lot of time on you Ricky.  You are nearly ready for the prom tonight."

"The prom!  You've removed all my hair and I'm wearing hose and heels.  You drugged me Mum!"

"That's right Ricky.  You're going to be going as a girl."

"As a what!"

"Look Ricky.  You're a little sissy.  You don't get into fights, you don't play sport.  You prefer my company to Dad's.  You're a little sissy, and little sissies love to look pretty."

"What the hell are you talking about Mum?"

"Come over here and look in the mirror Ricky."

"Jesus Mum, I don't recognize myself.  I'm so hot.  Look this is silly."

"It's not silly Ricky.  You are either a nerdy boy or a hot girl.  It's a simple choice if you ask me.  I wish I had legs like that.  Now come over here and lets try this dress on that I've bought for you."

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