Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Theater

Jack had been hypnotized into thinking he was a girl, and for a number of weeks he had been under the impression he was an actress.  He had taken a part in a play as a secretary.  All he had to do was flash his legs a lot and answer the phone.

The house was full, and it was the end of Jack's big scene.  He had just seduced the Mr Smith her boss, the phone went which was supposed to be Mrs Smith, the wife.

"Hello Mr Smith's office."


"Jack, I release you."

That was the key phrase to remove the hypnotic effect.

"What?  Where am ?"

 The audience laughed, Jack started and noticed the audience for the first time.

He sat there frozen.  He couldn't remember his lines, he didn't know how he got here.  He had no idea why he was dressed as a girl and no idea he had such fabulous legs.

He ran off the stage.

"What's wrong Jill?  You forgot your lines?"

"Eh Yes, sorry."

"No worries, you was close enough, and those pins always knock em dead.  See you same time tomorrow."

"Eh Yer, sure."

He took a cab home.  When he got in he found only women's clothes.  He had thrown all of his own away.  He found his script on the table next to a contract.

"$100k a year, that's twice what I was earning.  Jeez.  My ankles look so pretty too in these pantyhose.  I feel so sexy and alive.  Everyone seems to think I'm a girl.  Hell, I like being a girl.  This is going to be so much fun, but I had better learn these lines."

Meanwhile, the hypnotist is taking $100 from his friend in a bar.

"Double hypnosis, I didn't think it possible."

"So this dude was first hypnotized so that he was completely addicted to dressing and passing as a girl.  Next I made him think he actually was a girl."


"Yep, I've removed the girl layer just leaving the cross-dresser; but he'll still never wear man's clothes again.  He'll be getting surgery within a year.  Still, I got him a great job at the theater which will pay for it, and all the clothes."

"You're a genius.  Will you let him go eventually."

"No.  He'll be happier like he is.  Being a cross-dresser is amazing, I've given him something to live for."

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  1. Excellent series. I love the pictures you've chosen. Jill has such great legs. It's clear she should have been a girl all along.


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