Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The New Boy

"Ah Jenkins - come in boy."

"Why have you made me dress like this Sir?"

"Jenkins, here at St George's School we train young gentlemen to be leaders of nations, presidents of corporations and generals in the military.  In order to do this we need to build character Jenkins.  In the first year you are expected to dress and act like a woman.  You are to be available to attend formal evenings accompanying senior boys giving them experience in dealing with the opposite er hem sex.  A year being treated like a woman and having keep looking pretty at all times will train you in restraint and discipline.

After a year you will have the choice to proceed to the senior school as a boy, or to transfer to St Mary's school where you will be transformed and made ready for life as a high flying woman.  Your mother and father were both here Jenkins.  How is your mother Tim - er Tina these days Jenkins."

"Mother is very well Sir."

"Pass on my regards next time you see her.  And Jenkins, straighten your seems there a disgrace, and sort out your makeup - you look like a clown.  Get Hargreaves to show you, he's very good."

 "Yes Sir."

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