Thursday, 2 January 2014

The End of Another Political Career

"Please let me go"

"Oh no, I'm taking more photos first.  And besides, you're clearly enjoying yourself."

"I'm not enjoying myself"

"You will be begging me for relief soon.  You only have to say the word, and I will come over there and sit on that cock of yours.  I'll be taking pictures of course."

"I'll be ruined, my political career will be over.  You bitch."

"All I need to to is to start up you butt-plug vibrator like this."

"Mmm, that's so good."

"I'm ready, are you?"

"No, please, no ... yes, fuck me.  I need to cum, fuck me now."

"Not just yet."

"Now.  I need it."

"Just getting the camera rolling."

"Hurry, just hurry, sit on this thing now, I need to cum real bad."

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